7 Steps for a Residential Eviction

If you have the ideal tenant you may never need to go through an eviction, but when the time comes will you know what to do?

“The 7 Steps Eviction Process” is a clear, concise and easy to follow course, available through Property Management Institute, LLC, providing valuable information regarding the eviction process. Topics covered like identifying a violation and confirmation using the Lease, serving proper notice and how to prepare for a hearing, to name a few are covered. Knowledge in this area gives you more control, saves time and money and helps eliminate stress. This course will also help you when the time comes to choose the professionals you will need when your business grows to a point where additional help is needed.

The 7 Step Eviction Process

  • Identify Violation/Check Lease
  • Proper notice
  • Filing the Landlord/Tenant Complaint
  • The Hearing
  • The Decision or Judgement
  • File for Possession
  • Regain Possession

More information will be available about this and other courses from Property Management Institute, LLC, coming spring of 2018


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