When is the rent due?

The rent is always due on the first of the month. The rent is due on the 1st, late on the 2nd and late fee will be applied after the 5th.

How do I pay my rent?

The easiest way to pay rent is online, and it’s FREE! Please go to our website at www.compass.property and click on the tab at the top that says “Tenant’s Page” and click on “Pay Rent Online”. You may also pay your rent with our “Pay Near Me” option. If you already have your barcode, please take that paper and cash to the nearest CVS and make your rent payment there. If you need your personalized barcode, please email the office and we will send it to you. If you are planning on dropping your payment off to our drop box, please be aware that there is a $10.00 paper processing fee. You can mail or drop off your certified check or money order to Compass Property Mgmt. LLC 1415 W. Kings Hwy Gap PA 17527 (our drop box is right beside the door to our office.)

Who do I call for maintenance problems?

All Maintenance requests should be opened online through your tenant portal.

Why do I need renters’ insurance?

Landlords ensure the physical building, their insurance policy does not cover your belongings. Renters insurance covers your belongs and can also help protect you against liability lawsuits or medical bills of guests injured in your apartment and accidents caused by other tenants.
One of the most common reasons for an insurance claim is for damage to electronics from lightning strikes. Please ask your insurance agent to explain your coverage.

What is included with the Tenants Benefits Package?

For just $19.00 per month, your Tenant Benefits Package includes the following features:

  1. Tenant Insurance – Benefit:  $100,000 of Liability coverage for the property in the event of an accident caused by the Tenant.  Tenants would be responsible for any charged deductibles per incident for claims. Also, $20,000 personal coverage.
  2. Maintenance Portal – Benefit: With your Property Meld account, you have the ability to put in a maintenance request 24/7, upload pictures of the problem, and text directly with Compass Property, as well as, the Vendor who is assigned to your maintenance request.
  3. Tenant Portal – Benefit:  You have 24/7 access to your Tenant Portal via AppFolio, to pay on-line and access all your electronic documents.
  4. Pay Near Me – Benefit: Each Tenant has their own unique PaySlip that will allow them to pay their rent in cash at any CVS location (small processing fee $3.99).
  5. On-line Lease Renewals – Benefit:  You are able to renew your lease on-line without having to schedule a meeting at our office.
  6. Free Credit Reporting for all Rental Payments – Benefit:  You receive the benefit of positive credit reporting for all on-time rental payments to Experian Credit Bureau.
  7. Rently – Benefit:  Self-showings are available so you can look at any property whenever it is best for your schedule.

How do I notify you that I’m moving out?

You must give us a written notice of your intent to vacate the property 30 days before you plan on moving out. In the letter, please include the date you plan on returning the keys (rent will be charged until we receive the keys) and your forwarding address (if you know where you will be living next). If you don’t know your new address at that time, please make sure to call or email us to give it to us, so we can return your security deposit to you.