Frequently Asked Questions – Tenants

What is included with the Tenants Benefits Package ?

Tenant Benefits Package with Compass Property Management, LLC

For just $19.00 per month, Your Tenant Benefits Package includes the following features:

  1. Tenant Insurance – Benefit:  $100,000.00 of Liability coverage for the property in the event of an accident caused by the Tenant.  Tenants would be responsible for any charged deductibles per incident for claims. Also, $20,000.00 personal coverage.
  2. Maintenance Portal – Benefit: With your Property Meld account, you have the ability to put in a maintenance request 24/7, upload pictures of the problem, and text directly with Compass Property, as well as, the Vendor who is assigned to your maintenance request.
  3. Tenant Portal – Benefit:  You have 24/7 access to your Tenant Portal via AppFolio, to pay on-line and access all your electronic documents.
  4. Pay Near Me – Benefit: Each Tenant has their own unique PaySlip that will allow them to pay their rent in cash at any CVS location (small processing fee $3.99).
  5. On-line Lease Renewals – Benefit:  You are able to renew your lease on-line without having to schedule a meeting at our office.
  6. Free Credit Reporting for all Rental Payments – Benefit:  You receive the benefit of positive credit reporting for all on-time rental payments to Experian Credit Bureau.
  7. Rently – Benefit:  Self-showings are available so you can look at any property whenever it is best for your schedule.