The Application Process

Please watch the video on this page to learn how to fill out an application. The steps are very simple and the video is easy to follow. Please be aware, you can visit a property for a self-showing before filling out an application. To learn how to do a “Self-Showing”, click on the following link: Self-Showing.

CPM General Application Guidelines:

1) We will need an application from everyone over the age of 18.

2) Verifiable monthly income of  3 times the rent, or more. You will be required to provide income documentation.

3) Can Not be on Parole.

4) No Criminal Record or Evictions within the last 7 years.

5) A copy of valid government-issued photo identification.

6) 3 years residential history, including address, landlord/owner name and contact info

7) 3 years employment history, including contact information of employers.

8) Applicant must meet a minimum credit criterion.

Be prepared to pay a non-refundable $35 Application Fee in order to run your Background Check (Reports are available upon request, CPM will not accept 3rd party Background Checks)

All leases require tenants to have current renters insurance.

All tenants will pay a monthly tenant benefits package fee of $19 per month this includes $100,000 for liability and $20,000 of personal coverage.

If you are ready to fill out an application, navigate to the top of the page and click on “Find Rentals”.
After you find the property you are interested in, click on the “Apply Now” link and enter your desired move-in date.
You will be taken to the application where you can finish the process.