Now is a Good Time to Look for Another Investment Property. 

Demand is on the rise.

How do we know? Every day customers are asking, so we know we have a huge demand for more properties. We are always listening to what customers say, and we would like to pass this on to owners. Tenants are looking for pet-friendly homes, clean and updated apartments, townhouses or single-family homes. There is an increased interest for properties in Lititz, Leola, Akron, Brownstown, Paradise, Lampeter, Strasburg, and Ronks. If you’re considering another rental investment we encourage you to look into these areas.

Whether you have 1 property or 20, Compass Property Management LLC is here to help minimize your stress and maximize your profits. There are many legal things to consider when searching for new tenants, collecting rent, conducting maintenence, and especially when trying to evict a tenant. Our team will navigate these processes for you. You can learn more about our management services here.

Maybe you know of other property owners in these areas and are willing to refer us to them.  Take advantage of our referral bonus program offered to our owners. Maybe you belong to a networking group, a business group, or affiliations through the church. It doesn’t matter how you know or connect with people but, we appreciate referrals. We developed a program to reward the owners who are willing to refer us to other owners they associate with. If you would like more information about our referral program call 717 442 0442 and talk to Kacey or Steff.