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How To Rent a Property From Compass Property Mgmt LLC

Step One: Browse Available Properties

Simply click here: Available Rentals

All properties shown on that page are currently available. If you saw a Compass Property Management LLC sign in the yard of a property you are interested in but it is not on the website, it is likely because the property is under maintenance and is not available yet.  

Click Available Rentals in the Main Menu

Step Two: Choose the Property that most Interests you

Scroll through the available rentals and click “View Details” to learn more about each unit.

Click View Details to learn more about each unit

Step Three: Visit the Property through a Self-Showing

In order to do a self-showing you must follow the instructions found here: Self-Showing

You can also view the video below for a visual of what to do after the first few steps. 

Step Four: Apply for the Property

Scroll through the available rentals, find the rental you’re interested in, and click “Apply Now” to be taken to our online application. Learn more about our application process.

Complete the online application

Step Five: If Approved, Continue with the Move-In Process

You will have to put down a holding deposit within 24 hours in order to secure the rental for 30 days. This gives you time to switch utilities, make the initial payments, sign the lease, and get ready for move-in.